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Everything started at the begenning of this year when I discovered Rei Ito's Alix scans, coz Rei Ito is one of my fav models and I really enjoy Alix's excellent work. I never heard about Alix before and the first pics where quite difficult to find, so I built this page to share my collection, then some cool guys sent me the scans missing to my favourites sets and later nearly all Alix scans.

Due to some disk space and bandwith issues I can't host everything on my main server, I'll put part of the scans on free hosts (hope they won't remove them, so let me know if you find a dead link).

You can contact me at if you've got any Alix scan missing on my page, or for any suggestion or comment....

You can also visit my main site Yak Gallery for more quality scans.

Thanks for everybody's contribution.
Last update 2005/04/16 05:24 GTM+1 - 1184 scans / 466M

Here are some scans that miss me to complete some sets. If you got them pls be kind to send'm to me....
  • Manami Morooka 3 to 12, 16, and >18 if exist

My favourites sets

Rei Ito

83 scans - 30M
Miho Yoshioka

41 scans - 17,3M
Chisato Morishita

45 scans - 18,2M
Yoko Kumada

28 scans - 10,7M
Ryoko Mitake

37 scans - 16,1M
Stephanie Hsu

45 scans - 14,2M
Rie Suma

45 scans - 16,4M
Yuuna Mizumoto

35 scans - 13,2M
Natsumi Yokoyama

30 scans - 13,3M
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Other complete sets

2004 GT girls

30 scans - 12,1M
Akane Sakura

40 scans - 15,7M
Alice Ogura

30 scans - 11,1M

33 scans - 11,4M
Akiho Yoshizawa

60 scans - 22,4M
Fumina Hara

35 scans - 12,6M
Hi Racequeens

85 scans - 40,2M
Mai Goto

36 scans - 12,1M

20 scans - 9M
Momoka Hayakawa

17 scans - 6,45M
Ono Mayumi

80 scans - 29,6M
Ruri Anno

33 scans - 10,3M
Ryo Uehara

55 scans - 26,3M
Sayuri Anzu

53 scans - 23,3M
Waka Inoue

30 scans - 11,7M

Small, uncomplete or ongoing sets

Misc Models

Thanks to:


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